Lophi was a farmer woman from Gemworld.

After Superboy was transported to Gemworld from Earth, he protected her and her baby from Opal Soldiers by pretending to be her husband, as her real husband had been killed. Conner lived with Lophi and continued pretending to be her husband while he waited for the rest of Young Justice to find him, and the two became close friends. When the baby is born, Conner named her Martha, after Superman's adoptive mother.

  • Lophi's design in her second appearance as drawn by John Timms in issue #6 is very different from her design in her first and second appearances as drawn by Patrick Gleason in issue #3 and issue #4. In issues #3 and #4 she first appears with short hair, a detailed dress, and what may have been weapons on her back. In her second appearance in issue #6 her hair is much longer, her dress is plain, she has no accessories, and she now wears earrings and lipstick.



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