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Lord Havok is the leader of the Extremists.

Born Prince Alexi of Kravia (though he has also been known as Damon), he was cast out of the royal family due to his hemophilia. He sold his soul to the Might Beyond the Mirror for new blood and metal skin, ultimately retaking the throne by force and becoming the greatest supervillain of Angor.[1] Lord Havok waged war against the likes of the Retaliators and the Future Family (declaring himself for unknown reasons the"greatest creation" of Frank Future),[2] ultimately seizing Wundajin's lightning-axe, the Omni-Gauntlets and the Genesis Egg, gathering them for some surely nefarious purpose. However, when the Infinity Egg - incubator of the corrupted Monitor Nix Uotan - began to hatch, Havok was attacked and mentally shattered by what lay within, and deciding it would be better to put the man out of his misery, one of the Retaliators fired an arrow into Havok's head, apparently killing him.

He was revived with his dying wish by the Might Beyond the Mirror and attempted to use his Extremists to conquer Angor and ensure its safety, but he instead triggered a nuclear war that destroyed it; moving on he and his team traveled to Prime Earth and seized power in Kravia with plans to expand his dominion, but Batman and his newly formed Justice League of America worked alongside Kravian freedom fighters to unseat and imprison him.[4] Eventually, when Batman offered his life up to the cosmic Adjudicator to give Angor a new chance at life, Havok took his place believing that he alone deserved the honor of restoring his world, joined in his sacrifice by his former teammate Dreamslayer.[3]

At some point after the multiverse was reborn, Lord Havok was resurrected. [5]






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