In his own words, Lord Malvolio was born in England in the year 1612. His father was an off worlder, a Green Lantern from Space Sector 1634. Why his father was on Earth has never been revealed. Even less is known about Malvolio's mother, a human woman, who died in child birth.

Malvolio's father shared his knowledge with his son who, two hundred years later, killed him in his sleep and took the power ring. Malvolio believed he alone should have the power of the green flame. He travelled the stars until he found the space sector and homeworld of his father. Learning of the death of Malvolio's father, the Guardians of the Universe appointed the being known as Priest as the new Green Lantern for Space Sector 1634. On behalf of the Guardians, Priest (New Earth) fought Lord Malvolio. Although he was ordered to kill Malvolio, Priest imprisoned Malvolio within a starless void instead. Priest was stripped of his power ring for disobeying the Guardians' orders. Lord Malvolio would observe the sector from his prison for many years.

The races of Sector 1634 had worshipped their Green Lantern as a god. He was a noble being, worthy of respect and acclaim. This Green Lantern had taken a far more active role in shaping his space sector than others of the Corps. He had kept the peace for generations. This may have been Lord Malvolio or his late father. With the loss of their Green Lantern, the worlds were thrown into chaos. Orbiting the star Selsia, the fifth and sixth planets of that system ultimately came into conflict. A new Green Lantern would be needed to prevent the war from spilling across the galaxy. In the late 20th Century, Hal Jordan was brought by Priest to stop the warring sides. Priest trained Jordan in the use of his power ring in non-programmed sectors. Jordan took the leader from each side to sign a peace treaty. Unknown to the Green Lantern of Earth, he had only delayed the war by giving both sides a new target: Hal Jordan.

Jordan would again find himself in Priest's sector while chasing the occupant of an alien shrine that had caused major destruction on Earth. Lord Malvolio somehow pulled Jordan out of spacewarp and into his realm. The people of the worlds within the area of space worshipped their Green Lantern. Malvolio had built a huge base of operations for himself, the Green Lantern insignia etched into the side of a mountain. The Green Lantern was puzzled by the existence of another of the Corps. Following the execution of Sinestro and the collapse of the Central Power Battery on Oa, the majority of the Corps had lost their power rings. Regardless, Jordan sought out his fellow Green Lantern to ask for help in finding a way home.

Jordan had been summoned by Lord Malvolio to serve as heir apparent. He was to renounce his ties with Priest so that both Green Lanterns could forge an alliance to ultimately crush him. The two fought; Jordan quickly realized he was no match for Lord Malvolio and he fled. Jordan found a golden space station which could offer refuge from Malvolio. He questioned a human named Wallace, who had been squire to Lord Malvolio. Wallace had served Malvolio since his master had slain his own father and taken the power of the green flame. Jordan learned the station was not made to protect them from Malvolio but rather as a shrine to him. Malvolio burst through the side of the station and instantly killed all those aboard. He then turned his attention to Jordan,lashing out in anger, Jordan repeatedly hit Malvolio, striking him down. He turned his back which infuriated the large Green Lantern. When he turned back, Malvolio fired a yellow energy weapon which destroyed Jordan's ring. Jordan's only option was to run.

The Green Lantern of Earth knew he had few options. Using the largest weapon he could find, an energy cannon with a body harness, Jordan awaited his enemy's arrival. The shots went wild, punching a hole in the side of the station. Malvolio plugged the tearing metal and stood to face the Earth's Green Lantern. Jordan had not given up; he used part of the harness as a bow and arrow. The "arrow" sunk into Malvolio's chest, apparently killing him. Jordan had not intended to kill Malvolio, only stop him. He took the power ring from Malvolio's finger. It had made the journey from Earth and would take Jordan home again.

After Jordan departed, Malvolio arose and pulled the projectile from his chest. His plan had been fulfilled, Jordan now soared the spaceways with Lord Malvolio's ring. The illusions surrounding Malvolio dissolved, leaving him in a lightless void...




Green Lantern Power Battery


Green Lantern Ring

  • enemy of Green Lantern
  • Before Green Lantern: Rebirth, there was a popular fan theory that the reason Hal went crazy was he was wearing Lord Malvolio's ring. Also, Kyle was wearing a reforged version of this ring when he unknowingly created Oblivion.
  • It should be noted that Lord Malvolio's ring appeared to effect yellow objects something that was impossible for normal Green Lantern rings of the time. The reasons behind this fact have never been explained.
  • In Pre-Crisis continuity T.O. Morrow was able to create fake Green Lantern rings as powerful as the real ones but without the yellow weakness (The Flash #143). It is uncertain if this was a hint that Malvolio's ring was a fake.



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