The Lords of Order are powerful lords of magic.


After Hecate relocates herself to Earth 0 and gifted mankind magic, men and women alike took notice of her greater power and conspired to steal it to supplant themselves capable of ushering in their own version of order. Chief among the group was Mordru, whom was charged with convincing her to give up her magic to them in order to make better use of it. After years of captivity due to a ritual using her own power against her and the betrayal of the Olympian Gods when her husband, Hades, took on a new bride, Hecate let out a scream that shook all of reality and felt the dark presence of the Upside-Down Man. Her fury tore a hole in magic, allowing some of the darkness from the Otherplace to break through the veil of existence and gifted the men and women alike with the dark magic in hopes that they would eventually destroy themselves with it.[1][2]

With the power, the group of men and women alike became god-like and became known as both the Lords of Order and Lords of Chaos though at a cost; those of the Lords of Order whom used magic, recognized as a "Magic of Order" often ended up destroying them from within and forced them to act within enchanted objects to survive.[2]



Transportation: None known.

  • Magic of Order: Some Lords of Order wield this form of magic in excess, being the progenitor of most spell-casting, incantations, and magic types utilized by other magic users. Unlike Chaos Magic wielded by the Lords of Chaos, use of this magic can be detrimental and has forced other Lords into enchanted objects for survival, whom have since found workarounds of the consequence of using magic with mystic items and written rules.[3]



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