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Lori was a member of the Unseen.

Lori was once a normal counterpart to Lori Lemaris in the Dark Multiverse, prior to her transformation into a monstrous mermaid.[1] When her world began to die, as all worlds in the Dark Multiverse do, she was rescued by the mysterious Perrus the Benevolent, and joined his "Unseen"--a collection of misfits from dead worlds, all protected by Perrus, in exchange for feeding him their life-energy.[2]


  • Atlantean Physiology: Being a mermaid, Lori can develop human legs on land and the lower half of a fish when in water. She can swim at incredible speeds and can withstand the pressure of the ocean at great depths.


  • Monstrous Appearance
  • Asphyxiation: Atlanteans can only exist outside of water for a limited period of time or else they will dehydrate, asphyxiate and ultimately die.



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