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Quote1 Odd to think that back during my days as the Joker I treated all this so lightly. As a joke. Never again. We'll remember what happened here. We finally have a future of hope. Quote2
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Lori Lemaris was one of three women known as the anarchist Joker. During Superman's Reign, she became the new Manhunter.

Lori Lemaris was a renowned reporter for World's Finest in which she interviewed every prominent individuals including then President Samuel Schwartz of the Metal Men. Secretly, Lemaris was the anarchist vigilante, the Joker, in which the identity was shared by her associates Mary Marvel and Madame Xanadu. Out of the three, Lemaris stands out as the closest to the Joker persona.

After the Superman became the greatest power on Earth-9, he outlawed costumed heroes. When the Secret Six tried to stop him in a battle at Washington, D.C. he defeated them, imprisoned Mary Marvel, and extracted the identities of the other Jokers from her mind, killing her. Afterwards, Lori Lemaris spent ten years in prison for vigilante activities.[1][2]

After being released from prison on parole, she began attending the Citizen Re-Education Centre in New Atlantis. There, she met former Nightwing agent Hex, who tried to convince her to return to costumed heroics. She did not agree to his request, but still followed him out of the building and through the sewers of New Atlantis, to his underground base. There, he informs her that Manhunter has been killed by Powergirl. This is enough to make her agree to come with him.

When they met up with her old team-mates in the Secret Six, they tried to give her old Joke costume, but she turned it down because she no longer felt happy enough to be the Joker. At the request of Hex, she instead took the identity of the deceased Manhunter.[3] She joined Sir William's new team, the Outsiders, and helped the Batman of New Earth to rescue the heroes trapped in the Superman's fortress in Switzerland. During the raid, she voiced her dislike of Batman's joyless demeanor, and he voiced his distrust of her former identity. However, he saved her life, and a level of respect has been established.[4]

After learning of Superman's intentions to conquer New Earth, Lemaris traveled to the said universe to stop the tyrant and was amazed of this world's heroes for their acceptance and admiration by their people. Lemaris fought through and witnessed the Superman's defeat. She gave her thanks to Batman and the heroes of New Earth for earning their victory and promised to never forget this adventure before returning to her native universe to repair the damages the Superman had done.[5]



Lemaris' costume is designed to resist high impact forces.


Has a specialized baton which she uses as a club; also has a few cartoon-themed weapons.

Lori shares at least a superficial similarity to the Lori Lemaris of the former Tangent Comics reality. It is presently unknown how similar or different Lori Lemaris of Earth-9's particular background is in specific comparison to that of Lori Lemaris of the Tangent reality, other than:

  • Lori Lemaris of Earth-9 has been publicly revealed to have been the Joker and arrested and convicted for her vigilante actions.
  • Lemaris was Joker for more than ten years in the past.
  • Lemaris of Earth-9 was the first female Earth-9 Joker and did not share the role with others as in the original Tangent universe where multiple people shared the role, though others have adopted the same role after Lemaris such as Mary Marvel of the Earth-9 reality.



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