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Lori Morning was an ally of the Legion of Super-Heroes who used a H-Dial.

Lori Morning was a ten-year-old girl from the 20th Century that was the daughter of one of Chronos's henchmen. Chronos had been given enhanced time travel powers by the demon Neron but the catch was that Chronos now rapidly aged. He transferred the rapid aging problem to Lori. After the Legion defeated Chronos Lori stayed in the 30th Century.

Lori had a crush on Rond Vidar of the Time Institute who was working on a way to revert Lori back to her true age instead of the 17-year-old form she had as a result of Chronos aging her. In time she is given a Hero Dial by the Time Trapper and assumes a variety of super hero guises that help out the Legion. It is later implied that she may one day become the Time Trapper.

After a group of Proteans try to plant a bomb in Legion Headquarters Lori takes one of them as her pet and names it Proty.

Eventually Rond Vidar fixes her aging problem but sometime later Leland McCauley ages her to adulthood and makes her a member of his team the Workforce.

The Khund known as Amilia Crugg became Lori Morning's guardian. It's unclear what happened to Lori and Amilia when Ra's Al Ghul replaced Leland McCauley and purged his administration.

Due to her name, and the fact she was a blonde girl of fluctuating age who was possibly destined to be the Time Trapper, it has been speculated that Lori was the post-Reboot version of Glorith, a theory which was confirmed by the Legion creative team during a panel discussion at the 1999 Heroes Convention in Charlotte, NC.