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Quote1.png Separately, we're losers - but we operate well as a team! Quote2.png
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The Losers was a forlorn hope active during World War II. They were lead by Captain Storm.


Upon America's entry into the European theater of the Second World War, a Special Forces group composed of personnel from all branches of the armed forces was formed. The members were Captain William Storm, a former PT Boat commander with a wooden leg and an eye-patch; Johnny Cloud of the U.S. Army Air Force, known as "The Navajo Ace"; Sarge Clay, one of the oldest serving Marines, and Gunner MacKay, one of the youngest. Because each member had suffered the deaths of personnel under their command for which they felt responsible, they dubbed themselves The Losers.

The unit fought Axis tyranny throughout Europe and Asia, and had many successes, although they never quite shake their self-imposed status of "Losers". They briefly recruited a fifth member, a Norwegian woman named Ona Tornsen. Tragically, all four men and their K-9 mascot, Pooch, died in action during the final days of the war.


Transportation: PT-47 (patrol boat)
Weapons: Various conventional weapons


  • The Losers unit was created (and later killed off) by writer/editor Robert Kanigher.

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