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The Lost Lanterns were a group of Green Lanterns scattered across space by Hal Jordan during Emerald Twilight.


Jordan went rogue under the influence of Parallax and seemingly killed his fellow Corpsmen.[1] Years later, they are rediscovered on the planet Biot, under the control of the Manhunters.[2] With the exception of General Kreon (who died during their rescue), the Lost Lanterns rejoined the newly restored Green Lantern Corps, but the Lost Lanterns continued to distrust Hal Jordan.[3]

War of Light

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During the War of Light, the Lost Lanterns began to disgregate, starting with the murders of Jack T. Chance and Ke'Haan at the hands of the Sinestro Corps (by Kyle Rayner possessed by Parallax[4] and the Anti-Monitor[5], respectively) during the Sinestro Corps War to later been reanimated as Black Lanterns[6]. After the Sinestro Corps War, the Guardians of the Universe designed Boodikka as one of the new Alpha Lantern Corps. Also, Laira was expelled from the Corps, only to later become one of the first Red Lanterns (and then murdered and converted into a Black Lantern). Only Tomar-Tu, Graf Toren and Hannu remain as Green Lanterns.



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