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Bone is a Gotham City mob boss and enemy of Catwoman.

Louis Ferryman, aka Bone, was raised by his aunt because his parents were scum. For most of his childhood he grew up in a group home. He was beaten by the other kids and didn't have a thing to call his own. After he left the group home, Louis made his way up through the world, got some money and began to acquire things. He acquired jewelry, art, rare coins and like items because having made him feel more cultured.

Now he's the mob boss of a Gotham City gang. One night, Catwoman's apartment was destroyed by Bone's thugs and she narrowly escaped the attack.[1] Afterwards, Selina stayed with her longtime friend Lola, but Bone found out where Selina was, broke into Lola's apartment, and killed Lola. Later on, Selina finds the dead body of her friend and is beaten shortly thereafter by his thugs.[2] Bone revealed himself to her because she had stolen some stuff from him.[3] After he talks to her and tells her a little of his life story, he leaves Catwoman to his gang and gives them the order to kill her too. Catwoman was able to fight them off and tracked him to a local club. There, she beats him with a baseball bat and nearly kills him but Bone is saved by Batman.[4]