Louis Marino was a thief who stole $32,000 from his sister Louise's church money and ultimately imprisoned at New Alcatraz Prison. It was during his four-day incarceration that he found redemption through religion: Dreamology. He contacted Louise and attempted to turn her to this new religion, which was dedicated to a demonic entity known as Dreamslayer. Louise dismissed the church as mere idolatry and believed her brother will be damned. This led to an outburst from Louis who defended his religion and wanting her to believe him once. After Louise left, Dreamslayer revealed its existence to Louis and made him its vessel. Dreamslayer then used his host to kill its followers before it was temporarily exorcised by Lord Havok. It is reveal that the demon chose Louis as he is weak and easy to control. To be rid of the demon, Louis's sister Louise was the only suitable host who can control Dreamslayer and she consented to "bail" her brother out of his troubles.



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