Lou was a slacker who received superpowers by mistake. Two alien college students (named Zinnac and Yoof) sent him a package containing an EEM or Extreme Enhancement Modules instead for their thesis on heroes in Earth culture. Lou received the package instead of Martin Lewis, an upwardly mobile young lawyer and philanthropist, because Yoof didn't know that the names are written backwards in the phone book. Lou received a new muscular body that is inhumanly strong and has super-human intelligence. Unlike most superheroes gaining powers were actually an inconvenience to him. Lou's EEM was designed to attract trouble and the other superhumans (who recieved EEM too) who Martin would have chosen to lead.



Superstrength, genius level intellect.


Good electronic repairman.


Francis Dutton's car.


Self-made ray gun (out of a VCR).

  • Lou can only access his super intellect subconciously, like when he is daydreaming or half asleep.
  • Lou once repaired the VCR of Martin Lewis (who was suppose to get Lou's powers) when he worked at a VCR reapir shop.
  • Lou has a hard time keeping a job, he gets fired from an electronic repairshop, an ice cream parlor ... and even babysitting


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