Louis Snipe was a petty criminal from New York.

In 1940, Louis Snipe was hired by mobster Gat Benson to help ambush police officer Jim Corrigan with a false tip about a robbery. Officer Corrigan went alone to the location and discovered that it was a trap. Gat and his men captured Corrigan, put him into a barrel, filled it with cement, and threw him into the river.

The deceased Corrigan's spirit was then offered a chance to seek justice, as the ghostly Spectre. Corrigan returned to Earth as a "Spirit of Vengeance" to fight evil with his new supernatural powers. On his first mission, he exacted justice by stripping Gat Benson of his skin, thus killing him in the end.

Decades later, Corrigan would find Louis Snipe, as an old man, bedridden at a local hospital. After interrogating him about his involvement of his murder, Corrigan, as the Spectre, entered the soul of the two-bit snitch and re-lived the day he was murdered in order to prove his accusations. The two fought each other inside of Snipe's soul, but when the Spectre exited, Snipe died.

  • Although Louis Snipe made only one minor appearance prior to his death, he has made subsequent appearances in numerous flashback tales dealing with the the Spectre's origin.



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