Quote1.png I promised. No matter what... I'd bring you home Louise. Quote2.png
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Louise Jepperd was an artsy girl from New York. She was married to the ruff-and-tumble Tommy Jepperd, a prominent hockey player for the Minnesota Wildcats.

When Tommy returned home home one day after a hockey match, he found Louise watching the news break about a deadly virus wiping out entire cities. They agreed to seek help.[1]

In the early days of the plague wiping out humanity, Louise and Tommy would get together with large groups of people in order to feel safe. Louise and her husband soon decided it would be best to live on their own to avoid spreading the plague. While the two setup up camp, she confided in Tommy that she had become pregnant.[2]

Months later, they continued their journey along the road and she had become visibly pregnant. They were spotted and attacked by a group of cult hunters. Since all people who gave birth since the accident had hybrid children who were immune to the plague, the hunters wanted Louise. They believed eating hybrid children prolonged one's life against the sickness. When they were about to take Louise, Doug Abbot appeared to help fight off the attackers.[3]

Abbot offered them a chance to come with him to his safe haven. However, upon arriving they were forcibly separated and Abbot revealed he truly had plans for her unborn child to be experimented upon. She gave birth at the militia base to Buddy Jepperd but died in the process. Her husband was released by Johnny Abbot but he was too late to get to Louise's side before passing. He made an agreement with Douglas Abbot to bring him a hybrid in exchange for her body.[4]

Tommy retrieved Gus and exchanged him for Louise's corpse.[1] He buried her under an oak tree at their old house.[2]



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