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Killer Frost was a member of the Suicide Squad.

One of several Criminals recruited by Amanda Waller to join the Suicide Squad, Louise Lincoln, aka Killer Frost partook in the raid upon Arkham Asylum, forced to obey Waller's commands, lest she would have been killed by the remote detonation of a bomb implanted in her neck.

Frost is a metahuman whose ability to freeze her body and surroundings allowed her to enter the asylum by pretending to be a corpse, then freezing a morgue attendant's face (with a kiss) and then pushing him over, shattering his head.

Later in the raid, Waller tasked her with the secret mission of assassinating Edward Nashton, aka The Riddler, but she switched her allegiance when he told her that he can diffuse the bombs in the necks of all members of The Suicide Squad.

After she rejoined the Squad, she and the rest of the squad allowed Nashton to electrically short circuit the bombs in their necks, while Batman (disguised as Black Spider) stood guard. When Waller activated the bombs and killed King Shark, his identity was revealed, leading to another series of confrontations.

Killer Frost met her demise in a car crash or the following explosion while avoiding the escaped Arkham inmates and racing her (ex) teammates to the police helicopter as a means of escape.




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