Dreamslayer was a member of the Extremists.

Louise Marino was a nun, dedicating her life in service to Deity (the Angorian representation of the Presence). She was contacted by her brother, Louis, a thief who found religion in prison: Dreamology. He attempted to turn her to this new religion, which was dedicated to a demonic entity known as Dreamslayer. Louise dismissed the church as mere idolatry, but unbeknownst to her, Dreamslayer was real and working to re-enter the world, using her brother as a vessel. However, she was contacted by Lord Havok, who asked for her help in dealing with Dreamslayer. He taught her several mental exercises, so that when Dreamslayer came for her brother, he was forced into her. With the powers of Dreamslayer locked away within her, Louise Marino had incredible power and joined the Extremists.[1] Here, she formed a relationship with Tracer. When Monarch's Army allied with the Meta Militia against the Extremists, she fought ably against them. Now with the rest of the Extremists, she is based at a high-tech facility on Angor's Moon, ready to follow Lord Havok in his attempt to conquest the Multiverse.[2]


Demonic Physiology: As Louise Marino, she has very little power. As Dreamslayer, she has the ability to assault her foes with hellfire, as well as powers of levitation and some limited teleporting powers.

  • Dreamslayer is based on the Pre-Crisis villain of the same name, but ultimately on the Marvel Comics supervillain Dormammu.
  • Dreamslayer's first appearance in Countdown #29 appears very masculine, and given the impression that the villain is male. However, Dreamslayer's gender was then revealed to be female in Countdown Presents: Lord Havok and the Extremists #4 as the demon is entirely "male" but its host Louise is the opposite gender.
  • Dreamslayer's "Church of Dreamology" is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the controversial Church of Scientology and its belief Scientology. Louise's brother Louis also stated that the religious organization is known for being a "fastest growing religion" with members including "celebrities, politicians... even prominent businessmen", in which it shares similar traits to the Church of Scientology's methods of recruiting and converting famous celebrities and its reputed growing number of followers in order to endorse their religion.



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