Louise McCallum was the great-aunt of Lana Lang.

Louise McCallum was born and raised in the town of Smallville. Growing up, Louise had dreams about going to Hollywood and becoming a star. However, when her father learned about these dreams, he set her up with Dex McCallum (telling Dex that Louise would make a great wife). In the end, Louise gave in and married Dex.

In 1961, Louise found herself being mugged by Lachlan Luthor, while exiting the Talon, but was rescued by a mysterious drifter named "Joe". Attracted to Joe, and bored with her marriage, Louise entered an affair with the drifter. Soon after, Joe revealed himself to be from an alien planet, called Krypton, and that he soon had to return. Louise wanted to stay with Joe, but their relationship ended in tragedy. Lachlan Luthor had been released from jail, by Sheriff Billy Tate (a family friend, who wanted Louise to himself), and sent to kill Joe (intending to frame Dex for the murder, so that Billy could have Louise to himself). However, Lachlan's bullets bounced off Joe and hit Louise by accident. She died in Joe's arms, with Dex being wrongly convicted for her murder, before being cleared and released in 2003.



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