Lu Shan was the daughter of the martial artist expert I-Ching. She blamed her father for her mother's death, which occurred during her childhood. Sworn to kill I-Ching, Lu Shan joined forces with Doctor Cyber. Under the identity of a businesswoman, Lu Shan traveled with I-Ching and Diana Prince (the former Wonder Woman) to Hong Kong, where she intend to turn them over to Cyber and along with Eathquakers, machines that create earthquakes. To further conceal her identity, Lu Shan hired criminal members of the Tiger Tong to make scripted attempts on Lu Shan's life. Furthermore, Lu Shan also arranged for I-Ching to discover she was his daughter.

Once meeting with Cyber, Lu Shan revealed her intentions and shot I-Ching. Soon after a dispute with the Tiger Tong occurred in which Cyber killed them but not before being grievously wounded. Diana managed to save I-Ching's life, while Lu Shan fled with Cyber.[1] Lu Shan and Cyber initiated their plan on using the Eathquakers to threaten Hong Kong. However, Diana managed to destroyed the Earthquakers and Cyber was apparently killed. Lu Shan managed to survive and fled to mainland China.[2]

Lu Shan later became involve in an plot in an attempt to invade and loot the dimension of Nehwon. To achieve this end, Lu Shan needed a pair of mystical jewels, the Fist of Flame and the Eye of the Ocean, to reach Nehwon. Lu Shan managed to secure the Eye of the Ocean, but the Fist of Flame was taken by Catwoman. In order to acquire the other jewel, Lu Shan kidnapped Catwoman's hired private eye detective and Diana Prince's ex-lover Jonny Double, and used him as a bargaining chip to force Diana and I-Ching to deliver the Fist of Flame to her.[3] Once having the jewels, Lu Shan failed to realize the potential of the jewels' properties in which she and everyone in her vicinity were randomly teleported to other worlds. Thus, she and some of her gang unexpectedly teleported to Nehwon during the middle of a battle between Diana, I-Ching, Catwoman, Fafhrd, the Gray Mouser, and the wizard Gawron. I-Ching managed to use the jewels to himself, Diana, Jonny Double, Fafhrd, the Mouser, and Catwoman back to Earth, but leaving Lu Shan and her followers stranded on Newhon.[4]


  • This version of Lu Shan, including all history and corresponding appearances, was erased from existence following the collapse of the original Multiverse in the 1985–86 Crisis on Infinite Earths limited series. Even though versions of the character may have since appeared, this information does not apply to those versions.



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