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Superboy had a vision of a younger Snapper Carr, created by a G-Gnome that broke into Mount Justice to find Superboy, when he was alone in Mount Justice for the first time. The vision implied that Snapper Carr had been affiliated with the Justice League while it was still headquartered in Mount Justice, and that he had become famous (at least among the League's enemies). The vision further suggested that it was Snapper that had (inadvertently) revealed the location of Mount Justice to the Joker, who infiltrated the Cave while the League was elsewhere and attacked Snapper.

Years later, Snapper Carr became a teacher at Happy Harbor High School. He was present when Conner Kent and Megan Morse attended their first day at school, and broke up a confrontation between Conner and Mal Duncan. Later that day, he held a class session relating to the current political state of Rhelasia and was impressed by the knowledge Conner Kent displayed of the nation's history, as well as his question as to why it was in divided



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