Man-Missile was an enemy of the Flash.

Lucas Elrod, a.k.a. prisoner number 37869, was on a mad dash from the authorities when his car ran out of gas in the desert. Seeking refuge, he accidentally hid in a cave under a government lab where an accident caused chemicals to leak down from above. The chemicals changed him, giving him the ability to change his body into whatever he wished.

Deciding to turn to a life of crime, he broke out of the cave and went to Central City, where he knocked out Barry Allen with an iron hand. Elrod stole Allen's identity, clothes and all, even tricking the Flash's fiance Iris West that he was the real Barry Allen. He then went on a crime spree, all while noticing that the radiation that allowed him and objects around him to change shape was fading.

After narrowly evading the Flash time and time again, only for the Flash to keep finding him, Luke decided he had to take out the Flash once and for all by turning himself into an automated atomic missile meant to target the Flash. The Flash realized he programmed it to seek out the Flash, but not Barry Allen. After a quick costume change, Barry ran away, causing the missile to detonate far from the city, and Luke Elrod to turn back into a human without his powers.


  • Shape Shifter:Luke Elrod could turn him and any part of himself into anything he could imagine thanks to the radioactive chemicals he was doused with


  • Power Instability: His powers relied solely on an inward radioactive power source, once the radiation was gone he was powerless with no way to regain said powers.



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