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Quote1.png That light in the sky, right there? It meant the world to me. It meant I could build myself into something more. Stand for more than myself. Make an impact and change things. Even if it was just one life at a time. I could make a difference. Quote2.png
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Lucas "Luke" Fox is the second Batwing.


Luke Fox was born into a family of wealth and prestige, his father Lucius Fox was president and CEO of Wayne Enterprises and a genius scientist and inventor. Lucas, it seemed had inherited his father's natural intellect and was extremely intelligent. Luke graduated MIT with double degrees in engineering and business management and soon had hundreds of job offers from around the world even one from his fathers company of Wayne Enterprises. However Lucas had other aspirations seeking to gain the attention of the Batman (Bruce Wayne) he took to MMA and cage fighting, hoping the Batman would notice his skills and intellect and recruit him into the new fledgling Batman Incorporated which gained him the scorn of his father, who was distraught that his son was ignoring so many prospects to go fight in "barbaric cage-matches".

Luke's dream came to fruition after the previous Batwing, David Zavimbe retired from the cape and cowl for personal reasons. Batman, stating Luke was his "first choice" quickly tried to recruit him as the new Batman of Africa, Batwing. Luke eagerly accepted, disguising his new job by saying he wanted to take a yearlong trip to the motherland. His father, upset at his seemingly reckless antics argued with him which resulted with Luke leaving forcefully in a huff.

Batman Eternal

Batwing helped Jim Corrigan investigate recent events in Arkham Asylum, where the Joker's Daughter was using the spirits of the inmates to resurrect what she believed to be the Joker in the body of Maxie Zeus (although it is revealed to be Deacon Blackfire).


Luke Fox began a romantic relationship with Barbara Gordon, while also fighting crime together as their alter-egos Batwing and Batgirl.

DC Rebirth

Originally, Luke had chosen to put Batwing on hold while he focused on his company. However, after the death of Tim Drake, Batman called him in to use his tech expertise to repair the Belfry and finish the upgrades Tim was making. When Luke gets drawn into the conflict with the Victim Syndicate, he decides to join Batman's new team as tech support and as Batwing.

During the League of Assassins attack on Gotham, Luke reinforced the Batman Family in their battle against the League, but is captured alongside Azrael. When he is freed, Luke disarmed a mini nuke meant to destroy the city.

Batwing was accepted as an official member of the Batman Family and joined his fellow Bat-colleagues in taking down the Penguin, who was in the midst of a police chase.

Realizing that his friend Jean-Paul was risking his sanity by wearing the Suit of Sorrows Lucas began to construct a new suit in secret. However he realized the only problem was attempting to find an A.I. with both a benevolent morale code and the strength to resist the hostile A.I. Ascalon. Unfortunately during the midst of his work, Jean-Paul had succumbed to the spirit of Azrael. And in conjunction with Ascalon took over several of Lucas' Batwing suits in an attempt to kill him, Orphan, and Batwoman and establish 'Divine Justice' over Gotham. However after a quick fight, ending when Zatanna and Batman arrived, Jean-Paul was subdued and Lucas finally figured out the solution to his problem. As the Batman Family discussed what to do with Jean, Lucas decided it was time to unveil his plan and revealed the new suit for Jean-Paul while explaining that he planned to use Batman as the new A.I. template for Azrael.


  • Genius Level Intellect: Luke is an extremely intellectually gifted young man, having graduated a year early with two degrees from one of the most prestigious institutions in the world, the Massachusetts Institution of Technology.
  • Business Management: Luke was given business lessons by his father and refused a job at Wayne Enterprises in order to pursue his own ideals.
  • Disguise[1]
  • Martial Arts: He is trained by Batman as well as being an accomplished boxer and mixed martial arts fighter.[1]
    • Boxing: Luke was a world-class boxer before being recruited and trained by Batman in further fighting styles.[2]
  • Engineering: Luke has a degree from MIT for engineering and has shown great skill in this regard, having accomplished feats such as defusing a mini-nuke and creating a new Azrael suit for Jean-Paul.[3]
  • Tactical Analysis: Luke was praised by Batman in his decision-making skills. Affording him extra capabilities both on and off the battlefield.


  • Lucas enjoys "torrenting" movies.[1]



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