Lucas Ludlow-Dalt, the Spider, was an enemy of Starman.

The Alias the Spider's son, Lucas Ludlow-Dalt, took up the bow and arrow (and his original yellow and blue costume) to helping Culp, the Mist, Dr. Phosphorus, Solomon Grundy and several other villains lay siege to the city with the forces of darkness. This Spider had trained all his life for revenge on the Shade, and came very close to getting it. Matt O'Dare prevented The Spider from killing the Shade, and he was chased off to parts unknown. He was also the assassin who attempted to kill Starman, and nearly killed Mason O'Dare, if not for the timely intervention of the spirit of the deceased magician Zatara). He was already responsible for at least sixteen deaths, and the Shade told Jack Knight that he was going to bring him in (since he was a Ludlow after all).

The Spider faced off against Hawkman, Hawkgirl and Green Arrow. The Green Arrow got the Spider's aiming eye with an arrow, hoping to end the criminal's career by maiming him.

Lucas was killed by his brother Thomas, who usurped his identity to become the next Spider.




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