Quote1 Yuh lowborn tramp! You think ah'm such a fool you kin slink 'round behind my back an' ah ain't even gonna notice it? Well, if'n y'all think thet, woman, you shore 'nuff got another think comin'! Quote2
"Mad Dog" Lucas McGill src
Lucas "Mad Dog" McGill was a highly dangerous criminal wanted in several states for multiple counts of murder.

He was particularly known for shooting men in the back. One night while beating a woman in the streets, he met a young drunken Jonah Hex. In his inebriated state, Hex believed that McGill was his father Woodson Hex abusing his mother Ginny, and shot him dead where he stood. He was rewarded a substantial sum of money by the local sheriff immediately afterward. This encounter inspired Hex to become a bounty hunter. Jonah's wife Tall Bird later recounted this story to historians documenting her husband's life story.[1]



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