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Lady Lucia Hyde is a refugee from Xebel and the mother of Jackson Hyde.


Lucia was born in the underwater kingdom of Xebel, located in the Bermuda Triangle, and was the daughter of the poet Lokua[3]. As a child she was forcibly conscripted into the Xebelian Guard, despite being part of an elite family. When she was discharged she married Ellec Inaego, a member of respected warrior clan, and they had a daughter named Delilah. Despite his family lineage and prowess as a soldier, Ellec wanted to change Xebel's militaristic society and formed the Xebelian Liberation Front, a peaceful protest movement that tried to end the conscriptions. During a protest at a recruiting station named Hallas Hall the guards fired on the protestors and killed many of them, then blamed the deaths on a terrorist attack. When peaceful means did not work, Lucia and others turned to violence and launched a series of terror attacks first against military assets and eventually against people. Lucia personally murdered the commander of the soldiers who fired on the protest.[4] Meeka, another leader in the resistance, went even further and killed dozens of Guardsmen.[5] Eventually the military ended conscription but the resistance's actions turned the peace movement into the murderers and terrorists the government claimed they were and caused the Xebelian people to turn against them.

A few months later the military reintroduced conscription and Lucia left the city and her family, believing change was impossible.[4] She met and fell in love with a human diver, who promised her a life on the surface if she helped him find the map to a magical artifact. She knew of the maps position, but, wanting to test him, gave him a decoy instead. Frustrated he revealed his true identity, that of the supervillain Black Manta and nearly killed her. They parted, unaware that she was pregnant with his son.[6]

Seeking to protect Jackson him from his father by keeping his existence secret she fled to the surface and moved to a town in New Mexico's desert, far away from the ocean. She also wanted Jackson to stand out as little as possible, which proved difficult due to his questions about his father that she refused to answer, the burgeoning hydrokinetic abilities he had inherited from her[6] and him coming out as gay during his high-school years.[7][8]

When Ellec died, Lucia snuck back into Xebel in disguise and attended his funeral, but did not approach Delilah.[4]

Blood of the Manta

After Jackson ran off to San Francisco to join the Teen Titans, Lucia didn't know where he was for weeks, until she saw him on a newscast and took a plane there. During their meeting she told him about the origins of his powers and that she wanted to protect him from his evil father,[9] when they were attacked by Black Manta, who revealed that Jackson was his son. He then threatened to kill Lucia, but Jackson offered to follow him willfully in exchange. Lucia, badly wounded, was taken in by the Teen Titans, who patched her up and she told them about her backstory with Black Manta and his evil plans.[6] After Jackson's successful return they celebrated his membership in the Teen Titans, as the newly named Aqualad.[10]

Living in Amnesty Bay

When Jackson went to Amnesty Bay to learn from Aquaman, she moved there with him.[11] She quickly became a friend to the Sea Gods of the World.[12] After Jackson returned from Xebel, having learnt of his grandfather Lokua, she promised to tell him more about her past.[13]

Lucia and Mera began smuggling people out of Xebel and settling them in Amnesty Bay without Arthur or Jackson's knowledge. She also began stockpiling weapons, to Mera’s disapproval. Jackson was framed for bombing Atlantis by the villain Deluge, who Lucia realised was Delilah when she spotted her on the surface.[14]

Jackson fled to Titans Tower West, but Deluge tracked him to the tower and attacked him. Lucia followed them and was forced to reveal that Delilah was Jackson's sister.[15] They agreed to go to Xebel with Delilah and she took them to Ellec's grave. Jackson was shaken by the fact that his mother had hidden so much from him and began to lose his trust and respect for her. They were attacked by members of the Xebelian Liberation Front, who knocked them both unconscious and took them to the group's secret headquarters. Delilah and Meeka, who had married Ellec after Lucia left him, revealed the truth about Lucia's past to Jackson. They showed him dozens of images of Lucia killing people, including faked images framing Lucia for Meeka's crimes. Horrified, Jackson walked out, saying he wanted nothing to do with any of them.[4]

Lucia pretended to leave Xebel, telling Meeka that lies never last. She secretly broke into the Front's headquarters and stole evidence that the images of her were faked, and the Front's plans to attack an upcoming reunification conference between Atlantis and Xebel where Mera was due to speak. Meeka and her men caught Lucia but she managed to fight her way out, although she was badly injured. She made it to Delilah's apartment, where Jackson was staying, and show them the plans for the attack.[5]

Jackson lead Lucia and Delilah to stop the attack. Before they left, Lucia privately told Delilah that if she wanted Jackson to trust her, she would have to show him who she really was. The three of them successfully rescued Mera and the other delegates, but a terrorist attacked Jackson from behind and in order to protect him Lucia jumped in the way and suffered massive internal injuries. Jackson rushed her to a hospital in Atlantis where they were able to stabilise her, but Lucia was left in a coma.[16]




  • Xebelian Energy Swords[16]

  • Lucia is strangely able to bend water, an ability which is usually reserved for Xebelian royalty. Later, she is addressed as "Lady Lucia", and claims that her family was part of Xebel's elite, suggesting she is of noble blood.



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