Lucia Viti was a Chicago underworld figure, the niece of Gotham City's Carmine Falcone.

Lucia Viti was the niece of Carmine Falcone, and became heir to the Viti crime organization after the death of her mother Carla, and her brother, Johnny at the hands of the mysterious serial killer known only as Holiday. Lucia blamed the Falcones for their deaths. Lucia was also present at Falcone's funeral, alongside several other members of Falcone's organization. Before returning to Chicago, where the Viti crime organization was based, Lucia decided to stay in Gotham for a little longer. At some point, Lucia bailed Umberto and Pino Maroni out of prison, claiming that the Vitis were looking into making new freinds. The full extent of Lucia's intentions are unkown. During the Columbus Day massacure, Lucia was apparently killed in a car accident caused by Poison Ivy.



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