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Lucifer Morningstar is one of several figures who have been known as the Devil, the ruler of Hell. He was originally one of the greatest angels of God, but he was cast out of Heaven for leading a revolt against his father. So he became the Great Serpent to tempt Eve to eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge on the Garden of Eden. After aeons of ruling Hell, Lucifer decided he no longer wanted this and "retired" to Earth, where he became the owner of a piano bar in Los Angeles called Lux, along with his consort Mazikeen. He later married her and had a son named Takehiko with the goddess Izanami.

In the New 52, Lucifer was reintroduced as a villain of Etrigan the Demon. This version was depicted as a malevolent fallen angel who is the ruler of Hell and seeks to possess human souls. Following the DC Rebirth event, Lucifer was restored to his pre-Flashpoint incarnation. It is later revealed that he had a son named Caliban with the witch Sycorax. A similar character called First of the Fallen was introduced in the Vertigo Universe.

Lucifer Morningstar is a character in Christian mythology originally adapted to the comics by Neil Gaiman and Sam Kieth in Sandman (Volume 2) #4 (1989).


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