The man now known as Lucifer was an actor who had been out of work due to being typecast as a villain. He decided since he was so good at playing villains he would become one in real life. He dubbed himself Lucifer and set out to commit crimes. Quite by accident, Blue Devil kept stumbling across his attempted crimes and preventing them. Lucifer was furious and attempted to kill Blue Devil. By the end of the day, Lucifer had been captured but learned that he and Blue Devil shared a birthday.

The next year, Lucifer had escaped and attacked the Blue Devil at his surprise birthday party. Using a book he had stolen from Madame Xanadu, he trapped Blue Devil and his friends in illusions meant to resemble their own private hell and kill them. The Devil and company, however, were able to overpower the illusions and break free with a little help from Xanadu. Lucifer was thought to have disappeared but had become trapped in his own hell. Unfortunately for him, it was the real hell. It was perhaps a fitting end for the man who called himself Lucifer.[1]



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