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Quote1.png I have the ability to draw out people's forbidden desires. The more simple the human, the easier it is. The more complex, the more challenging and exciting, really. But no, the actual sins, the sins are on you people. Quote2.png
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Lucifer Morningstar is a fallen archangel and the former ruler of Hell. He eventually got bored with his job, and left the position to become a nightclub owner in Los Angeles, operating an establishment called Lux.

After the retirement of God, Lucifer takes up the mantle of "God".


  • Archangel Physiology: As a fallen archangel and former ruler of Hell, Lucifer possesses vast supernatural power.
    • Cosmic Awareness: Lucifer can sense cosmic changes, having been aware of the Crisis impacting the multiverse.[2]
    • Immortality: As a fallen archangel, Lucifer cannot be killed by any ordinary means.
    • Telekinesis: Lucifer is capable of manipulating objects without touching them, as shown when he levitated and spun a coin with his mind.[3]
    • Pyrokinesis: Lucifer was able to light the blade of death with his light bringer flame. The flames he produced were holy and white
    • Pheromone Control: Lucifer's presence lowers the inhibitions of everyone around him, inducing them to reveal their darkest secrets and desires, by simply asking, such as making a police officer reveal how he breaks the law or getting a woman to reveal she wasn't attracted to another man.[3] Lucifer can also easily make himself sexually irresistible to most human women and men "by appealing to the virile urge" in all of them,[4] and thus has never been rejected, except by Chloe Decker.
    • Superhuman Strength: Lucifer possesses great physical strength. He was able to send a large man flying 30 feet through a glass wall with a mere push,[5] and singlehandedly lift an even bigger man by the throat.[6]
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Lucifer possesses great reflexes, as he was able to effortlessly catch a knife thrown at him at high speed.[7]
    • Superhuman Stamina: Lucifer has claimed that he possesses tremendous stamina.[4] He once went a week without sleeping, but doing so resulted in impaired cognitive function.[8]
    • Invulnerability: Claiming to be indestructible,[4] Lucifer's body is capable of withstanding numerous point blank gunshots,[3] without being hurt, and his skin was unaffected after being slashed with a knife.[9]
    • Metamorphosis: Lucifer can alter the appearance of his face, making it appear as a fearsome demon with red skin and blazing red eyes.[10] He is also capable of just altering the color of his eyes to red.[3]
    • Teleportation: Lucifer was able to instantly appear inside a house, right after he was left locked inside of a car.
    • Wings: As a fallen archangel Lucifer possesses large angelic wings. Although after he leaving Hell, he asked Mazikeen to cut them off.[11] However, they eventually grew back after Lucifer judged himself for his act of rebellion.[12]
      • Flight: Like all angels, Lucifer is capable of using his large angelic wings to fly.
      • Dimensional Travel: Lucifer is able to use the wings to travel between Earth and Hell without dying.




  • 1962 Chevrolet Corvette C1[22]

  • This character is an adaptation of Lucifer, a character in traditional stories. These include, but may not be limited to religious texts, myth, and/or folk lore. More information on the original can be found at Wikipedia.org.
  • According to Chloe Decker in "Deceptive Little Parasite", the marriage between Lucifer and Candy was annulled. Lucifer does erroneously refer to himself as a divorcee in the same episode.
  • Lucifer's writers confirm that he is pansexual.[23]