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Quote1.png You blame me for your sins and tragedies? All I granted any of you was agency when I saw a use. I never gave a single toss for your souls. It was easier, once the first act of evil was committed, to claim to be of my party though, wasn't it? I made it clear to each of you. I have no party. Quote2.png
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Lucifer Morningstar is a fallen rebel archangel who was cast out of Heaven as punishment for leading the revolt of the angels.

Fall to Hell

Lucifer was of the first Angels created by The Presence. After eventually leading a rebellion and starting a war in Heaven, Lucifer was defeated in battle by his brother, Michael, and was banished to Hell alongside the other rebel angels.[1] After falling for nine days, Lucifer arrived in Hell, which was empty at this point in time, aside from himself and the other fallen angels. Eventually humans began showing up, drawn to the realm due to their own guilt. Having never been so close to a human before, Lucifer began experimenting with them. He took them apart, wanting to examine his father's creation closely to see how they worked. Due to Lucifer's brutal methods of examination, this became the first torture in Hell.[2]

The Wild Hunt

Early into Lucifer's time as ruler of Hell, Odin and a group of Norse hunters traveled into Hell while on the "Wild Hunt", a mythological hunt across all of creation in an attempt to slay the Hunted God. Seeing that they had killed the creature in his domain, Lucifer appeared before the hunters and told them that any being killed in Hell would not be allowed to leave. Intimidated by his power, Odin apologized for treading on Lucifer's domain and offered him a deal. He promised to sow the myth of Lucifer into the minds of some of his own worshippers, granting him power, in exchange. Lucifer declined, as he sought no worshippers. Odin explained to Lucifer that it would be more so as a sign of respect between Kings. This wasn't enough for Lucifer however, as he wished to be invited on the next Wild Hunt, along with Odin's initial offer.[3]

Lucifer prepares for the Wild Hunt

Odin followed through with Lucifer's request and brought him on the next hunt. Lucifer easily killed the Hunted God before anyone else and asks what they would hunt next. Odin then tells Lucifer that the Hunted God would eventually be reborn at a later point in time. This was unacceptable to Lucifer, who then resurrected the Hunted God, killing it over and over again, until it's essence was almost completely gone.[3]

Deal With Merlin

At one point during Lucifer's reign over Hell, it had come to his attention that Etrigan the Demon had begun attempting to climb up the ranks of Hell, killing many powerful demons. As Lucifer pondered what he would do about this, he was visited by his son, the powerful sorcerer, Merlin. Merlin suggested a solution to the problem that would benefit both of them. Lucifer accepted his offer and sent Etrigan to Earth, where Merlin was able to bond him to Jason Blood.[4]

Demon Knights

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Hell Is Earth

After innumerable attempts, Belial was able to finally overthrow Lucifer as King of Hell with the aid of Merlin's magic. Dethroned, Lucifer was kept in a cage by Belial and ultimately slayed by the demon Etrigan using Exclaibur.[5] It is, however, unknown if Lucifer ever returned from death.

Abandoning Hell

After eons of ruling over Hell, Lucifer had grown bored of it and abdicated his throne. At this time Lucifer also had Dream of the Endless to cut off his angelic wings.[1] Lucifer then begun to explore the universe, with Mazikeen following him wherever he went. He eventually decided to open the piano bar, Lux, where the two would stay for a time.[6]

At some point Lucifer temporarily ran a carnival called "The Devil's Dive".[7]

The Infernal Comedy

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The Divine Tragedy

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  • Angel Physiology: Unlike regular Fallen Angels, Lucifer retained his immense holy power, instead of it being faded away completely. As an archangel and one of the first angels created, Lucifer is one of the most powerful beings in the multiverse. He claims almost every being in the universe cowers at his approach.[3]
    • Biokinesis: Lucifer can use his power to manipulate the functions of a human body on a cellular level. Mazikeen stated that while Lucifer is not made of flesh, he finds it simple to manipulate.[8]
      • Healing: Lucifer's control over the human body allows him to "re-knit" fatal wounds of others. [8]
    • Chronokinesis: Lucifer can use his power to manipulate time. He used his power to age an cell by a few million years, in order to cultivate it into an organism. He also states he can "pluck" time from elsewhere in the universe, to use to his advantage.[6]
    • Cosmic Awareness: Lucifer possesses understanding of the workings of the universe on a cosmic scale.[7] He has even been shown capable of sensing from dimensions he is not physically in.[6] Despite what he presents himself as, Lucifer is not omniscient.[9] He has been shown to know everything about a person without ever previously meeting them.[6] He can also perceive future events of a person's timeline, as well as possible timelines that never happened.[10]
      • Precognition: Lucifer is able to perceive information about future events before they happen. His prescient knowledge is to the extent that he even knows how minor events will effect the future of a person's timeline. Lucifer knew that if he gave a man money, the man would spend on a prostitute that he would rape. He also knew that if he told the man this information ahead of time, the shame would drive him to commit suicide.[10]
    • Dimensional Travel: Lucifer is capable of using his power to tear dimensional rifts in reality, allowing him to travel the Multiverse at will.[6] Lucifer can travel through these portals himself or send other people through them. He once banished the demon Etrigan to the main Earth of the Multiverse by sending him through a portal.[4]
    • Enhanced Senses: As an angel, Lucifer's senses are enhanced to levels much greater than any normal human.[11] He can sense things in ways that language cannot explain,[9] as well as sense the essence of other supernatural beings.[3]
      • Empathy: Lucifer is able to sense emotion on others. In one instance, he stated he can smell guilt on people.[11] He can also determine if someone is telling the truth or a lie, by looking into their eyes.[6]
      • Enhanced Hearing: Lucifer's sense of hearing is so great he can hear across dimensions. While in space, Lucifer was able to hear his name being spoken from the realm of Hades.[6]
      • Enhanced Sense of Smell: Lucifer is capable of tracking someone by picking up on their "scent".[12] He also stated that John Constantine reeked of death.[2]
      • Enhanced Vision[9]
    • Flight: Lucifer was able to fly through the use of his angelic wings,[13] before he eventually asked Dream of the Endless to cut them off.[1] He later grew demonic, bat-like wings that he can use to fly.[14]
    • Immortality: As a fallen angel, Lucifer is functionally immortal, and cannot die by any ordinary means. He will never grow physically old and can live forever.
    • Interstellar Travel: Lucifer can travel through the reaches of space where no human body could possibly survive.[3]
    • Invulnerability: Lucifer is capable of withstanding high amounts of physical damage without taking any harm. He is unaffected by objects such as bullets,[12] and was able to withstand being inside the heart of a dying star, while sustaining no injury.[6]
    • Magic: Lucifer is capable of using forbidden magic spells for various purposes. One spell allowed him to magically seal a room from detection, while another allowed him create a shard of calcified moonlight from a raven's feather, which could be used to cut through the fabric of reality to travel through space.[15] Since raven's are seen as one of Lucifer's "symbols", he was able to enact a ritual that intentionally weakened his powers, by killing many of these birds.[15]
    • Metamorphosis: Lucifer is able to transform into various avatars of himself and change his appearance at will.[12]
    • Molecular Reconstruction: Lucifer is able to create single cells at will, which he can cultivate and accelerate into an organism. When building a house from scratch, Lucifer created and killed millions of organisms in order to create enough sand to make concrete.[6]
    • Necromancy: Lucifer possesses control over the damned souls of Hell and has made deals with humans in exchange for souls.[16] He was also able to manipulate the essence of the Hunted God after killing it. He was capable of vastly speeding up the resurrection of the god, in order to kill it over and over again.[3]
    • Power Distribution: Lucifer is capable of distributing power to others. He was capable of granting Etrigan his full power back, after it was taken away.[17]
    • Pyrokinesis: As the Lightbringer, Lucifer possesses absolute control over fire and light. In his original role as "God's lamplighter", Lucifer used this power to birth suns.[18] He is capable of generating and manipulating hell-fire, which scorches the victim's soul, along with the body.[3] Lucifer is also able to engulf himself in these flames, as well as generate it from his fingertips to light cigarettes.[19]
      • Disintegration: Lucifer can use his power over fire to incinerate other beings, as he did with two of his demon guards.[20]
      • Photokinesis: Lucifer is able to radiate blinding amounts of white hot light. This light was able to restore the drained life-force of the residents of Hades.[11]
    • Reality Alteration: Lucifer stated he could turn easily the entire underworld of the Gods of Egypt into rubble with a gesture. By simply placing his hand on the wall he caused their world to shake.[14]
    • Regeneration: Lucifer can heal any wound instantly with no level of difficulty, even replacing destroyed tissue. Lucifer was able to grow himself a pair of eyes after they were previously destroyed.[1][21][22]
    • Self-Sustenance: Due to his angelic physiology, Lucifer can survive in harsh environments without air, sleep, food or water, as well as survive unaided within the vacuum of space.[6]
    • Size Alteration[6]
    • Superhuman Stamina[6]
    • Superhuman Strength: As an archangel, Lucifer possesses strength far greater than any normal human.[6]
    • Telekinesis: Lucifer is capable of telekinetically manipulating the movement of people and objects.[12] He was able to effortlessly snap a man's neck with the snap of his fingers, as well as project blasts of telekinetic energy.[12]
    • Teleportation: Lucifer is capable of teleporting at will.[8] He can also travel through fire, as he was able to manifest himself through the flame of a lit candle.[23]



  • Excalibur: The magical Excalibur sword is one of the few magical items able to harm Lucifer. It was capable of slicing Lucifer's hand off, however he stated he would be able to grow it back.[22]


  • Clairvoyant Mirror: During his time as Ruler of Hell, Lucifer used a magical mirror that allowed him to see events transpiring in locations he doesn't have access to, in a similar way to a crystal ball.[13]
  • Moonlight Blade: Lucifer carried a magical blade made up of calcified moonlight, which had the power to cut into the fabric of reality, allowing its user to travel anywhere in the universe. Lucifer created this blade himself through magic ritual. [15]


  • Leviathan Blade: Lucifer possesses a sword forged from the spine of an infant Leviathan, a mythical sea serpent. This blade was gifted to him by Lady Sin.[9]

  • This character is an adaptation of Lucifer, a character in traditional stories. These include, but may not be limited to religious texts, myth, and/or folk lore. More information on the original can be found at Wikipedia.org.



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