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Quote1 Honorable? You joke, surely. Look out there, Morpheus. The billion lords of Hell stand arrayed about you. Tell us, why should we let you leave? Helmet or no, you have no power here. After all, what power have dreams in Hell? Quote2
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Lord Lucifer Morningstar is a charming and proud fallen angel and the ruler of Hell. Created by God himself, they are one of the most powerful beings in existence, even more powerful than the Endless, and an enemy of Dream.


Sometime near the beginning of the universe, Lucifer Morningstar was created along with the other angels by God himself. Then, they were known as Samael, and they were the greatest of all the angels. Eventually, they rebelled against the kingdom of Heaven and was cast down by God into the pits of Hell, where they were made its all-powerful ruler. Over the years, they became rather proud as leader of the demons who torment the eternally damned, and became a cunning, charming, and sadistic leader, surrounding themself with allies such as the duke Choronzon, the lord Azazel, and their right-hand woman, Mazikeen of the Lilim.[1]

Facing Morpheus

In 2021, Morpheus, king of dreams and nightmares, came to Hell to recover his helm of state, which was stolen from him when he was imprisoned for a century by a human occultist. It turned out it had been traded to Choronzon by its thief, and when Morpheus demanded it be returned, Choronzon challenged him to a battle, choosing Lucifer to represent him. Lucifer then fought Morpheus in a battle of wits, each conjuring images of creatures or concepts the other must defeat with their creature or concept. However, Morpheus prevailed and took back the helm, hurting Lucifer's pride. Although they let Morpheus out of Hell, they swore that they would get their vengeance on him someday.[1]

Plotting Revenge

Some time after their showdown with Morpheus, Lucifer was approached by Lord Azazel, who proposed they lead Hell's armies into the Dreaming, Morpheus' domain, and seize control. Theorizing they could then take over the mortal world and maybe even the Silver City, Lucifer agreed to take action against Morpheus, declaring their vengeance against the dreamlord would make God livid, and bring Morpheus to his knees.[3]


  • Nigh-Omnipotence: Being an angel created by God, Lucifer is immensely powerful. According to Morpheus, they are even more powerful than him, one of the Endless.[1]
    • Immortality: Lucifer has been alive almost since the dawn of time.[1]
    • Pyrokinesis: Lucifer can manipulate fire with their mind.[3]
    • Teleportation: Lucifer is able to summon all the demons of Hell to their with a wave of their hand.[1]
    • Reality Alteration: Lucifer can alter reality at will within Hell, altering its landscape and commanding its armies.[1]
    • Wings
      • Flight: Lucifer is capable of flight thanks to their massive angel wings.[1]



  • Ancient Rules: Like most deities, the only limits to Lucifer's immense power are the rules and protocols surrounding Hell and the universe that must be followed at all times to keep order in the worlds.[1]

  • This version of the character is exclusive to the continuity of the television series The Sandman and is an adaptation of Lucifer Morningstar. The original character was created by Neil Gaiman and Sam Kieth and first appeared in Sandman (Volume 2) #4.
  • This character or object is an adaptation of Lucifer, a character or object in traditional stories. These include, but may not be limited to religious texts, myth, and/or folk lore. More information on the original can be found at Wikipedia.org.
  • Lucifer Morningstar is portrayed by Gwendoline Christie.
  • Neil Gaiman said that the angels in The Sandman are genderless, and that this Lucifer is not only genderless but also androgynous.[4] In the first season of the show, Lucifer was not referred to by any pronoun.


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