NYPD cop Lucius Best is an ally of Manhunter (Mark Shaw).

Lucius has a wife named Bua and a daughter named Mandisa. Bua is taking classes.[1]

He was a Lieutenant in the NYPD 11th Precinct when Mark Shaw took up his bounty-hunting career. Lucius took an instant dislike to Mark due primarily to his disdain for bounty-hunters.[2] When Mark contacted Sargent Sylvia Kandrey for assistance in a sensitive case, Lucius asked Sylvia not to help him, though she did any way. Her actions led to Lucius being ordered to place Sylvia on probation,[3] an act he later came to regret though his respect for Sylvia grew as a result.[4]


Police Officer: Lieutenant Lucius Best is a police officer and has all the training and skills related to that profession.



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