Lucy was a member of Gen11.

Lucy and the other members of Gen11 were commissioned by Thomas Hogan to create a tsunami of faith. Reverend Hogan rejected his creations, however, when he discovered that they had souls and were therefore more than just tools for proselytism. Lucy and her brethren were kept at Tabula Rasa somewhere in the Amazon rain-forest where they were fed live humans. Dr. Cross sent them to track down the renegade members of Gen13. Lucy and her team failed to capture the teens, and she even defected when she encountered Eddie, enraptured by the grunge on his hands.[1]

She brought Eddie to a forest where she asked him to mate with her, inventing Bible passages to prove it was destined. In a moment of tenderness, Eddie removed the mask Lucy wore, and told her she was beautiful despite her scars. Dr. Cross sent ratkillers to capture Eddie and had Lucy killed for her insubordination.[2] In a fit of rage, Lucy's brothers, Sydney, Johnny, Jr. and Rotten, took their revenge on Tabula Rasa, and Dr. Cross specifically.[3]


  • Flight by means of feathered wings
  • Retractable talons
  • Resistance to fire


  • Illiteracy: Lucy revealed to Eddie Chang that she could not read.[4]

  • Eddie Chang takes his code-name, Grunge, from her admission of fascination with the grunge on his hands.[5]
  • Eddie's skateboard features an image of Lucy on the bottom of the deck.[6]



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