Lucy is the granddaughter of once infamous mobster enforcer; Charlie Arrows. Unbeknownst to her great paternal figure, Lucy's mother died early on in child birth.[1]

Eventually ending up running away from home due to feeling cloistered by her clingy grandmother Rose.

Growing up on the street, Lucy found out she'd inherited some of Charlie's mojo. Using her metahuman powers to survive by stealing anything she got a hold of until a chance meeting with Dr. Orwell set her on a path of a mercenary in his service.[2]

She would spend her years training under the enigmatic professor whom helped her hone her powers, in return she would accomplish odd jobs for him. Jobs of the clandestine and dirty kind for a few years.[3] Eventually it came time when Mr. Arrows went asking around for her whereabouts, after another training session with Orwell's personal staff; she was given permission to approach her long lost family and bring him into the fold.[4]


Like her patriarch, Lucy boasts metahuman abilities pertaining to superhuman speed. Unlike most speedsters however she generates her own energy field which has incisive effects, acting like a razor blade while she's in motion. Enabling her to cut and raze through just about anything by running through it or waving her arms about.[5]



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