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Lucy Lane is Lois Lane's younger sister.


Lucy was born to General Sam Lane and never got along with her sister Lois. She followed in the footsteps of her father, joined the United States Army and eventually began serving under him. Lucy developed a relationship with Jimmy Olsen but she eventually broke it off as she felt he dedicated too much of his time to Superman. A few months later, she went to National City to resolve things with Jimmy and the two eventually rekindled their romance.

General Lane soon came to National City to meet with James after Lucy invited him, and he demanded that Supergirl (secretly James' co-worker and CatCo Worldwide Media reporter Kara Danvers) fight Red Tornado in order to test its capabilities. During dinner, Sam disapproved of James and the three were soon attacked by Red Tornado, who was being controlled by Dr. T. O. Morrow. Supergirl however rescued them and the next day, Lucy resigned from the military to be with James despite her father being against it.

Sometime after helping in getting Dirk Amrstrong arrested for the hack against CatCo, Lucy was offered a job as the general counsel of the company by Cat Grant. Although Jimmy was initially reluctant, he eventually acquiesced and also revealed to her that he was the vigilante named "Guardian". Jimmy's growing feelings for Kara however started becoming an obstacle in their relationship and Lucy broke up with him after realizing he loved her.

Lucy resigned from CatCo and rejoined the Army after breaking up with Jimmy, and her first job was to investigate the infiltration of Department of Extranormal Operations by J'onn J'onzz, who was pretending to be D.E.O.'s director Hank Henshaw, alongside Colonel Jim Harper. She had J'onn and Alex Danvers arrested despite their explanation that he was trying to help humans and sent them to Project Cadmus. Lucy realized her mistake after hearing from Kara about why aliens had to hide their identities and helped in freeing Alex and J'onn.

Colonel Harper soon resigned from the D.E.O. and Lucy was appointed as the agency's new head. During her time there, she assisted Supergirl against a number of opponents and threats to National City. After she and her friends helped stop Myriad, General Lane returned and ordered J'onn to be re-arrested despite him helping in the fight, insisting he was still a prisoner. Lucy tried to stop it, but to no avail. President Olivia Marsdin however granted him a pardon and reinstated him as the director of D.E.O.


Lucy's mother abandoned the family when she was a child and her father dealt with it by burying himself in his work, spending most of his time away from home and his daughters.[2] Her older sister Lois never spoke about their mother again, which Lucy resented and blamed Lois for driving their mother away.[1] Because Sam did not trust anyone to care for them Lois essentially had to raise Lucy herself, but had no idea how to do so and was often hard on her, which made Lucy believe she hated her and resented having to give up her childhood for Lucy.[3] Lucy grew up to be a lost soul and struggled to find her place in the world.

Five years ago, during one of Lucy's many periods of unemployment and depression, she was staying with the Kents, but felt insecure living in her sister's home, as Lois had a career and family while Lucy had nothing. She became interested in self-help guru Ally Allston, who taught that everyone was born incomplete. Ally honed in on Lucy's alienation from her family and her insecurity at being seen only as "Lois Lane's sister", and provided her with the praise and validation that she craved.[3] Under Ally's influence Lucy overdosed on drugs as Ally claimed she would ascend to another plane of existence. She almost died and was only saved by Lois' last-minute intervention.[4]

Lucy joined Ally's group, the Inverse Society, which Lois considered a cult, and moved into her own apartment. Lois told her not to leave as she believed Ally was a grifter and responsible for the death of one of her followers, and swore to do whatever it took to bring Ally down.[1] Lois wrote an expose on the Inverse Society, using Lucy as an anonymous source.[4] Lucy claimed that during her near-death experience she saw her shadow self as Ally said would happen. Lois left this detail out of her article despite promising Lucy she would include it. When the article came out, Lucy cut all ties with Lois, believing she was biased against Ally.[1]

Despite her rift with Lois, Lucy maintained contact with Sam, who tried to remain neutral in their fight. Lois eventually convinced Sam that Ally was dangerous and he asked Lucy to meet with Lois, but Lucy sent Ally to meet with her instead.[2] Lucy gave an interview on a podcast claiming that Lois had fabricated her article and had a personal vendetta against Ally. Lois and her journalism partner Chrissy Beppo learned of a secret meeting the Inverse Society were having in New Carthage, but this turned out to be a setup as Lucy confronted Lois and recorded her admitting that she hated Ally and had left Lucy's vision out of the story.[1]

Sam convinced Lucy to come to Smallville and make peace with Lois. They were initially hostile, but Lucy was happy to reconnect wither her family, especially her nephews, and ended up staying for the whole day. She went with Lois to Jon's football game and revealed that she believed Lois had accepted Ally's teachings, since Chrissy had taken the same drugs she had and seen the shadow dimension. Lois told her that Ally was still dangerous and had poisoned Chrissy without her consent and they argued again until Lucy stormed off.[5]

Mitch Anderson came to Ally with a pendant from the inverse world, a duplicate to one she owned. As they now possessed both pendants, Ally believed it was time to "ascend", and took Anderson and several of her followers to the Shuster mines to cross over to the inverse world. However, she told Lucy to stay behind as a "failsafe" in case her plan did not work.

Ally's plan failed, most of her followers were killed and Anderson stole both pendants and escaped to the inverse world. Ally was imprisoned at the Pentagon. Lucy went to the Kent farm, claiming she had backed out of the ascension at the last moment and no longer believed in Ally. Sam took her home and she gave him drugged tea. When he passed out, she stole his access card.[6] Lucy gave Sam's card to Erin Wu, a member of the Inverse Society and US Army sergeant, who used it to sneak Ally out of prison.[7]

Ally crossed over into the inverse world, and the Society gathered at a secluded lodge in Burnham Woods to await her return. When over a month passed and Ally did not come back the majority of Society members lost faith and left but a small group of hardcore supporters, including Lucy and Erin, remained. Sam and Lois eventually tracked her down and told her that the pendant had been destroyed and Ally could not merge the worlds as she had promised, and that when Ally merged with her other self she had become a monster who drained the life from people. Lucy would not listen and told them to leave, but Sam handcuffed himself to her, refusing to leave her behind.

Sam did not have the key to the cuffs on him, and claimed that if Lucy wanted to be released she would have to leave with him. The family was forced to seriouly talk for the first time in years and Lucy revealed that she believed they had always seen her as an inconvenience and that Ally was the only one who loved her. Lois promised Lucy she had never seen her as a burden and that Lucy was the only thing that had kept her going when they were growing up, but Lucy was still unsure and said she needed time to think. Sam unlocked the cuffs with his fingerprint to prove he trusted her and claimed that the issues between Lucy and Lois were his fault, but they both told him that it was their mother's fault for abandoning them all.

However, before the family could move towards reconciliation Ally returned, now merged with her other self and possessing superpowers. Lucy was awed to see that Ally had merged and Ally promised she would too. Sam and Lois told her the pendant Ally needed to merge the worlds had been destroyed but Ally claimed she had found another way. Lois told her Ally was a monster and wanted to make her into one too, but Lucy still had faith in Ally and wanted to help her. Ally said they needed Superman to be able to merge the worlds and demanded that Lois and Sam summon Superman but they refused.

Lucy took Sam's ELT device to call Superman and Sam tried to stop her from activating it. To Lucy's horror Ally used her powers to drain Sam's life force and yelled at her to call Superman despite Lucy begging her to let Sam go. Lucy activated the ELT and Superman arrived. He tried to fight Ally but she drained his energy too, seemingly killing him. Superman's ally The Stranger tried to stop her but Ally simply tossed him aside and left of her own accord, leaving Lucy behind. The Stranger's sidekick was able to resuscitate Superman and they flew him and Sam to the DoD. Lucy visited Sam in hospital and tearfully apologised, but her forgave her and told her that she and Lois were the best thing that ever happened to him.[3]




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