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Quote1 Lois Lane's kid sister? Well congratulations, you got the looks. Quote2
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Lucy Lane is Lois Lane's younger sister.

Lucy was born to General Sam Lane and never got along with her sister Lois. She followed in the footsteps of her father, joined the United States Army and eventually began serving under him. Lucy developed a relationship with Jimmy Olsen but she eventually broke it off as she felt he dedicated too much of his time to Superman. A few months later, she went to National City to resolve things with Jimmy and the two eventually rekindled their romance.

General Lane soon came to National City to meet with James after Lucy invited him, and he demanded that Supergirl (secretly James' co-worker and CatCo Worldwide Media reporter Kara Danvers) fight Red Tornado in order to test its capabilities. During dinner, Sam disapproved of James and the three were soon attacked by Red Tornado, who was being controlled by Dr. T. O. Morrow. Supergirl however rescued them and the next day, Lucy resigned from the military to be with James despite her father being against it.

Sometime after helping in getting Dirk Amrstrong arrested for the hack against CatCo, Lucy was offered a job as the general counsel of the company by Cat Grant. Although Jimmy was initially reluctant, he eventually acquiesced and also revealed to her that he was the vigilante named "Guardian". Jimmy's growing feelings for Kara however started becoming an obstacle in their relationship and Lucy broke up with him after realizing he loved her.

Lucy resigned from CatCo and rejoined the Army after breaking up with Jimmy, and her first job was to investigate the infiltration of Department of Extranormal Operations by J'onn J'onzz, who was pretending to be D.E.O.'s director Hank Henshaw, alongside Colonel Jim Harper. She had J'onn and Alex Danvers arrested despite their explanation that he was trying to help humans and sent them to Project Cadmus. Lucy realized her mistake after hearing from Kara about why aliens had to hide their identities and helped in freeing Alex and J'onn.

Colonel Harper soon resigned from the D.E.O. and Lucy was appointed as the agency's new head. During her time there, she assisted Supergirl against a number of opponents and threats to National City. After she and her friends helped stop Myriad, General Lane returned and ordered J'onn to be re-arrested despite him helping in the fight, insisting he was still a prisoner. Lucy tried to stop it, but to no avail. President Olivia Marsdin however granted him a pardon and reinstated him as the director of D.E.O.




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