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Lucy Lane is the youngest daughter of Sam and Ella Lane.

Early Life

After her mother died, Sam Lane, being a military man, arranged his family in a chain of command, placing Lucy under her sister Lois, who essentially had to become her mother. While their father took Lois with him as he moved between military bases, Lucy was sent to boarding school in Switzerland. Because of this, Lucy felt that Lois was the favorite.[2]

Season Four

Years later, Lucy had run into trouble by borrowing money from a loan shark named Marcus Becker, and fled to Smallville. However, Becker found her and forced her to go along with a scheme to extort money from Lex Luthor. The plan was to get sympathy from Clark Kent, a friend of Lex, whose family Lois was living with, in the hopes that he'd convince Lex to give her the money. However, after Becker got the money, he took Lucy and Lois hostage, but were mysteriously saved. Having admitted to her involvement and fearing punishment, Lucy fled with the money from Lex and went to Europe.[2][3] Her father and Lois tracked her down and brought her back home.[4]

Season Ten

At some point over the next five years, she apparently had a son named Samuel, with Ron Troupe, a co-worker of her sister.[1] In 2010, Lucy returned to the Kent Farm with her father and celebrated Thanksgiving with Lois and Clark.[5]


  • A VRA file on Lois Lane, lists Ron Troupe and Samuel Troupe as biological relatives of the Lane sisters. No specifics are given on the exact nature of their relationship (other than being biological relatives),[1] but dialogue suggests that Ron is not their cousin.[6][7]