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Lucy Quinzel is the daughter of Harley Quinn and the Joker.

Getting pregnant sometime in her career as a Gotham criminal before the Joker's attack on Superman, Harley went into hiding for a year, not wanting the Joker to discover he was a father. Leaving the newborn baby Lucy with her sister, Harley returned to Gotham only to realize that not only did the Joker not realize she was pregnant, he didn't even care to notice she left at all.

Years later, after the fall of Superman's regime, Lucy was tracked down and kidnapped by the League of Assassins as a way to keep Harley in line as part of their Suicide Squad. While kidnapped, Lucy was introduced to her birth mother, who was forced to tell her the truth. After Harley and her daughter escaped captivity from the League, Harley returned Lucy to her sister's house and promised she would continue to make constant visits.[1]