Lucy Spears was, at one time, Vanessa Kapatelis's best friend.

Out of loneliness and desperation, she ended her own life at the age of fifteen.

Born in Edgartown on Martha's Vineyard, Lucy was the daughter of a wealthy surgeon. Her parents gave her everything she wanted, including love, but Lucy missed that last bit. She constantly tried to prove herself to everyone, by participating in pageants and cheerleading. Her parents did at first not approve, until she explained she wanted to use the prize money to save for college. Driven to succeed, she became a prize winning cheerleader and straight A student.

When the family moved to Boston, Lucy enrolled in Adams Junior High. On her first day, she was shown around the school by Barry Locatelli, and took a quick liking to him. When she learned from Eileen Flowers that Barry was actually dating Vanessa Kapatelis at the time, and only to get close to Wonder Woman, Lucy felt betrayed, and helped Vanessa get her revenge on the boy.

Lucy eventually became friends with Vanessa, much to the latter's joy. To Vanessa, Lucy was the ideal teen to look up to: pretty, friendly, and above all, already maturing. The friendship drove a bit of a wedge between Vanessa and Eileen, as she saw what Lucy's problems were. Lucy was lonely, miserable, and jealous of Vanessa's relationship with Wonder Woman and her mother, love she never felt from her own parents.

But she needed more attention, and made friends among the other popular girls. They did not think much of the wallflowers Vanessa and Eileen. Trying to cope with her problems, she sided with the popular kids, and revealed intimate secrets Vanessa had confided her. Vanessa told her to drop dead, and ran off. Eileen also chastised her.

That night, Lucy stole her mother's car keys, closed the garage door, and turned the car's engine on, doing as Vanessa told her to.





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