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Luis Rojas is Red Sin, a red-sun powered enemy of the Superman Family.

Luis' parents were scientists at LexCorp who developed anti-Superman weapons for Lex Luthor. They feared Superman and his power, and taught Luis that the Kryptonians were the biggest threat to the world. His parents were killed in an accident while working on a weapon known as "Red Sin" when he was eighteen, and Luis dropped out of school to finish their crusade against Superman.

Luis stole Red Sin from a police lock-up. His parents and Luthor had believed that Red Sin could not work, but Luis was able to identify and fix the flaw in their design in a day. He lured both Supermen out into the woods and attempted to kill them by draining their powers with red sun radiation and shooting them, but Jon Kent had prepared by wearing a bulletproof vest under his costume and bringing a yellow solar battery developed in the 30th Century. With this he was able to restore his powers and stop Luis by flying beyond his reach and freezing him with his super-breath.

Luis was imprisoned in Stryker's Island Penitentiary. Jon Kent went to visit him to tell him he was not a monster. Luis refused to listen but Jon promised to visit him every week until Luis saw him as human. After Jon left, Lex Luthor beamed a hologram of himself into Luis' cell. He told Luis that he was proud of him and knew his parents would be too. He also told him he had a plan to destroy the Kryptonians and Luis eagerly asked if he could help. Luthor replied that he could, and that he would save the world.




  • Red Sin: Luis is permanently bonded to the Red Sin weapon developed by his parents.
    • Radiation Production: Luis' body constantly generates red sun radiation, allowing him to nullify Kryptonian powers with his mere presence.
      • Thermal-Blast: Luis can project his red sun energy in a concentrated blast.
    • Self-Sustenance: Luis can survive for at least a limited time without air.
    • Superhuman Durability: Luis was able to survive being frozen and encased in ice, likely due to the red sun energy suffusing his body.



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