A successful lawyer in Brazil, Luiza Timmerman lead a secret double life as the Jaguar.

Like several members of her family, Luiza was the mortal vessal of the sacred Mayan spirit of the jaguar. Using the spirit's power, Luiza would punish the those she couldn't normally touch through legal means.

One Carnival, Luiza's niece, Maria, came to visit her and Luiza took her out into the celebration, both of them dressed in the Jaguar costume. During the night, Luiza revealed her secret to Maria, who was next in the family line to inherent the powers. Maria was shocked to discover how her aunt reveled in the power of the Jaguar spirit, going so far as to kill criminals, and mentally blocked the entire incident from her memory for over ten years.

After Luiza's recent death, the Jaguar spirit passed to Maria, who has since accepted her destiny.



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