Quote1 I don't know anything about this "Owl" Man! Quote2
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Luka Volk was a Ukrainian mobster that operated in Gotham City, leading the Whisper Gang.

During his first encounter with the Court of Owls, Batman interrogated Luka Volk about the man in a dark costume who attacked him earlier. Batman has previously deduced that the assassin used the rail tunnels that connect to Old Wayne Tower in order to gain entry.

As Batman thought, one of these rail gangs like Luka's "Whisper Gang" must have allowed him passage and extracted a toll of some kind. Luka sent several of his iron-masked thugs on Batman, only for him to defeat them using magnets. Despite his defeat, Luca professed to know nothing about the "Owl" Man. With Batman's in-cowl lie detector showing the vigilante that Luka is telling the truth, Batman let Luka go, telling him and his gang to get out of the tunnels.



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