Luke O'Brian is the son of the original Plastic Man, who inherited not only his father's powers of physical malleability, but also his father's rather offbeat sense of humor, adopting the name Offspring as his alternate identity. His girlfriend Micheline is frustrated by both him and his father, who has been a constant presence, not to mention a bit of a snoop, in their lives together, always playing his practical jokes posing as something or another just to spy on them. She wants Offspring to be someone she can be proud of, yet she can't tolerate him being the kind of superhero (or even the kind of person) that no one can take seriously like his father. She voices her concerns to him, not knowing she is actually telling Plastic Man posing as Offspring while he is actually on pursuit of Mr. Scarlet and his gang to Egypt with Avia, Star-Spangled Kid, Stripesy, and Zatara assisting him. It is where the gang uncover Brainiac's skull ship hiding behind a Sphinx's head, and while Offspring tries to stop them from taking off in the ship, his friends stop Offspring from trying to stop them simply because they know that regardless of where Mr. Scarlet's gang goes, they can't escape the end that's coming.

After Offspring's friends depart following his lame joke about Brainiac's skull ship, Plastic Man appears unto him, wanting to apologize to his son for feeling that he's never given him anything worthwhile, but Offspring tells him that he's given him everything, and that he appreciates his father never leaving him alone. As the two of them embrace, Plastic Man gives his son a ride home, and Offspring decides to go find Nightstar in the hopes that he can find a way to fight against the vanishing of their reality.

Transporting to the present time of 1998 in the New Earth reality, Offspring along with Ibn al-Xuffasch, Nightstar, and Kid Flash get to work setting up Booster Gold's Planet Krypton restaurant into a battle arena by stocking it with various items that could affect Gog culled from various Hypertime realities. In the process, they also made "ghosts" from those Hypertime realities appear in the Planet Krypton. When Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman from the Kingdom Come reality moved their battle with Gog to the Planet Krypton with the help of Hunter, Offspring helped the gathered heroes defeat him with the use of the weapons from other realities, though Gog ended up destroying them. It is during the battle that he realizes that his own reality is part of Hypertime in which all realities branch off from the Central Timeline in which he and all the Kingdom Come heroes had interacted.




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