Lady Ragnall was a friend of Allan Quatermain.

Luna Holmes-Ragnall lived in an old decrepit castle in England during the latter half of the 19th century. In her youth, she was a woman of great vitality, but as she grew older, she became hopelessly addicted to a rare African herb known as Taduki. By the 1880s, Lady Ragnall possessed all known traces of Taduki, along with her maidservant Marisa. In 1889, retired explorer Allan Quatermain came to her estate to visit, and to procure some samples of the Taduki herb. He was shocked to the see the depths the old recluse had succumbed to. Ragnall provided Quatermain with the herb, and the drug altered his perceptions so severely that his subconscious mind was propelled beyond the "sundered veil" and into the time stream.

  • This character is an adaptation of Lady Luna Ragnall, a character from the novel The Ivory Child by H. Rider Haggard published in 1916. More information can be found in the article The Ivory Child.



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