Triplicate Girl is a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Luornu Durgo is the only survivor of a worldwide disaster on her home world, Cargg. She has no memory of the events before the disaster. When she met a predator, she discovered that she had the ability to split into three, and then six, and then nine etc. Each of herself could remerge and share knowledge as well. She rebuilt Cargg and then discovered the upper limit of her power when she repopulated Cargg. Three of herselves were chosen as a delegation to the fledgling United Planets. Those three quickly joined the first wave of Legionnaires sharing many adventures along the way. When she returned to Cargg, her other selves refused to remerge with her because that she had changed to much, both in her biochemistry (which had adapted to an alien diet) and her viewpoints.
She has/have gone on dates with Sun Boy, Element Lad and Ultra Boy (which ended up badly because each of herself had gone on a different date at the same time).


  • Bio-Fission: The main body on Cargg has the ability to create a large number of duplicates that can easily remerge with each other. Luornu can split into three distinct bodies, each with their own will and personality.




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