Quote1.png Er... Hello! I'm, er... Lurgo. I... uh, I used to work for Asteroth, but I've... er, gone freelance. I... I don't suppose you're looking for a personal valet by any chance...? Quote2.png
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Lurgo was a servant in Hell, first to the Archduke Asteroth, and later to Lord Morax.

Lurgo acted as valet to the eccentric Lord Asteroth while the Archduke schemed to overthrow the Satanic Triumvirate, pampering him in preparation for the arrival of the his "guests" who would be sacrificed in his five-way blood sacrifice ritual.[1][2] After his master's plan failed and word spread of Asteroth's weakened state, Lurgo implored his sulking Lord to take action against the attacking forces of Morax of Stygia.[3] Asteroth's defeat was so humiliating he saw no point in facing Morax in combat. Disgusted by Lurgo's pleading for his own well being, the valet was defenestrated into the army below where he offered his services to Morax, who pummelled him with his war hammer.[4] Lurgo was not killed, but was taken as Morax's slave, attending the coronation of Etrigan at Masak Mavdil.[5]



  • Cowardice: Lurgo tried his best to convince Asteroth to fight Morax with his own self preservation in mind, and offered his services to Morax when Asteroth abandoned him.[4]

  • Lurgo was originally depicted by Mark Pacella as a large, hulking butler much like Lurch and was a pastiche of the character, even having his first line of dialogue be, "You rang?" It was later in The Demon (Volume 3) that he was depicted by Val Semeiks as a simpering, diminutive valet.



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