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Quote1 I am more than human. Far more than just my hand was shattered on the night a projectile from space crashed near me. Quote2
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Lutor was a scientist and one of the Savanti, consisting himself and Jon Kent and Paula von Gunther, which led humanity from a dying Earth to live on a terraformed Mars.

There Lutor and Kent built the great city of Metropolis; planned as a brainchild of Kent and made possible by Lutor's science.

A later alteration between Lutor and von Gunther led to the latter to distrust the scientist and von Gunther created a flying city known as "Heaven" while shunning herself from Metropolis. Over time Lutor and Kent fell in love with the same woman, Marta, and which created a quarrel between the two. Ultimately Marta chose Kent over Lutor, which led to the scientist killing her then using advanced hypnosis to turn Jon into his mind-slave. Thus becoming the true rule of Metropolis using Kent as his puppet.

Lutor had intended on killing Kent and Marta's adopted son Clarc Kent-son, but discovered his powers while trying, and failing, to kill him along with his mother. He instead blocked Clarc's memories and repressed his powers turning him into a social drone.

Under his reign, Lutor was responsible for creating a divide between between the upper class, who live in luxury, and lower classes, who toil under harsh conditions. He was also responsible for experimenting on human beings and drove them mad in the process, among them being the cybernetic Laughing Man. Lutor placed them under the care of Dr. Arkham.

Lutor was visited by Diana, a perfect clone of von Gunther, who was sent by her creator as an emissary to request Metropolis's help in contributing fresh gene stocks to Heaven, due to its Amazon inhabitants becoming genetically flawed and violent. However, Lutor decided not to help as he ruled Metropolis alone and like it that way. He had Diana captured, her mind erased, and gave her to the criminal Psykho.

Because of the oppressive status quo established by Lutor, Metropolis's lower class grew restless and plotted for a worker's revolution. Lutor had known this would happen and identified the revolutionaries' leader, Lois. Lois prophesied about a coming savior who will reunite the city. Lutor captured her and uses her to create a robotic duplicate, which he names Futura - created out of the rocket that brought Clarc to Metropolis - who will lead the workers to their doom. Lutor was satisfied with his plan since he always planned on replacing human workers with machines

Additionally, Lutor modified himself with a metal body powered by a kryptonite heart. Eventually, Lutor's plans were foiled by Clarc, who regained his memories, calling himself Super-Man. During which, Super-Man destroyed Futura. Lutor then killed Kent, after discovering he had broken free of his mental condition, and fought Super-Man at a cathedral. Lutor had the advantage against Super-Man due to possessing his kryptonite heart, which weaken Super-Man. However, he had not counted on Lois arriving and taking out the kryptonite from Lutor after Super-Man burned through the rock's cage. This event caused Lutor's body to shut down and self-destruct.






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