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Night Girl is a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes and the Legion of Substitute Heroes on Earth-Forty-Seven.

On Earth-Forty-Seven, Lois Lane is a Kryptonian super heroine known as Krypton Girl, and Clark Kent constantly tries to expose her secret identity.

While working, a passenger line hit Skull Reef and was sinking. However, with Clark Kent breathing down her neck, Lois Lane could not get away.

The Legion of Super-Heroes and the Legion of Substitute-Heroes, who were monitoring Lois Lane, see that Lois Lane's secret identity as Krypton Girl is in danger of being exposed. Night Girl travels back in time to impersonate Krypton Girl, throwing Clark Kent off her trail.

Lori Lemaris telepathically tells Lois Lane about Night Girl's action and Krypton Girl meets her at a remote shipyard, thanking her for the help. Night Girl leaves, returning to the 30th Century with a "super-leap."[1]



  • Ultraviolet Negation: Her powers fade immediately in the presence of direct sunlight. Her powers can be negated by the presence of ultra-violet energy.



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