Lydea Mallor is the daughter of Lyrissa Mallor and a member of the intergalactic police force L.E.G.I.O.N.. She has shadow-manipulating abilities.

She was recuited into the R.E.C.R.U.I.T.S. along with Amon Hakk, Borb Borbb, Darius, Davroth Catto, Ig'nea, Jiv Reduu, Bertron Diib and Zena Moonstruk. He helped battle the rogue Jiv Reduu when he was rejected from the team and he began murdering the other R.E.C.R.U.I.T.S.


  • Darkness Manipulation: Lydea Mallor has the ability to create and manipulate darkness.
    • Energy Projection: Lydea can project solid darkness with enough strength to pierce thick metal walls.



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