Dr. Lydia Perez was a former NASA astronaut who was instrumental in the rescue of workers on a moon colony that was presumably destroyed by one of the United States' enemies, precipitating the Five-Year War. She assembled the spaceship that would deliver the oxygen tanks necessary for the colony to survive long enough for a rescue, while Martin Champion was assigned to pilot the ship to the moon within 72 hours. Lydia thought that Martin was an idiot for igniting the main thrusters at full power rather than waiting to get a trajectory from the navigation computer, but as she saw that he cared more about getting there to rescue the workers by any means possible, she developed a more favorable opinion about him and kissed him after he brought the spaceship down to land. Martin believed that that was the start of a beautiful friendship.

From there, however, as they returned to an Earth that was engaged in a world-wide shoot-out, both Martin and Lydia separated, going their own ways and then somehow ended up working for the Atari Institute when things cooled down. As Lydia became its assistant director, she had to endure a secret pain that she didn't feel comfortable sharing with anyone: the rest of her family had died. The next time she had contact with Martin Champion, she was all business and didn't reciprocate his warm friendly attitude towards her. She led Martin to a secret meeting room at the Atari Institute headquarters in Northcal where he learned that he along with Lydia were assigned to be part of the crew of the experimental spaceship Scanner One, outfitted with a Multiversal that would take them through various realities in order to find a new suitable home for Earth's residents. Martin Champion would be the team's commander, while Lydia was assigned to be the ship's pilot.

During their journeys through the Multiverse, as the Atari Force team went from one inhospitable world to another, dealing with an entity called the Dark Destroyer along the way, Lydia became frustrated to the point where she believed that they would never find a suitable planet anywhere in the Multiverse. Still having faith, Martin ordered the team for one last "breakout" before returning home, where they found a pristine new world, totally uninhabited and suitable to be Earth's new home. Yet the world was guarded by a federation of alien races who long ago joined together for peace, and the Atari Force must go to their homeworld to appeal for inclusion in order to resettle. Upon reaching that world, the Dark Destroyer manipulated the minds of the alien races into attacking the Atari Force against their own will. Lydia along with the rest of the team defeated the Dark Destroyer and freed the aliens from his control, and soon Earth was given permission to relocate.

As the Atari Force team watched Scanner One become for a time Exodus One, taking Earth citizens in suspended animation to their new homeworld, Lydia finally shared with Martin the pain she kept for so long, weeping because her family cannot start all over. Martin empathized with her and told her that they must now live for tomorrow. She allowed herself to love again as the two of them embraced, waiting to join the passengers on Exodus One on their new homeworld.

A year or so later, Martin and Lydia were married, and she became pregnant with his son Christopher Champion. Lucas Orion attended the delivery of the baby on the day of his birth, but as she was about to deliver, a painful energy surge struck her body, killing her. Lydia had a feeling that the Dark Destroyer somehow survived and was killing her, but she died during the delivery, leaving Christopher without a mother and a broken-hearted Martin ready to kill his son and to avenge her death.




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