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Lock-Up was an extreme vigilante who was an enemy of Batman.

Lyle Bolton was a security expert, hired by the Wayne Foundation to stop the revolving door of Arkham Asylum. However, his methods were unconventional and he was soon fired for use of excessive force. He planned revenge on all those who stood in his way, all those he blamed for the misery of Gotham. The plan failed though, as Batman and Robin stopped him. He was later imprisoned at Arkham itself, but thought of it as beneficial, since he could keep an eye on all the inmates.[1]

When the Joker got angry over Dr. Richard Sprang calling the Riddler as the most genius inmate in Arkham, he hacked into the asylum's computer system and opened the cell doors of all prisoners. Lock-Up assaulted those who had left their cells, and was subdued by Batman before he could kill Jonathan Crane.[2]

Bolton some time later escaped the Arkham Asylum and once was confronted by the new Robin Jason Todd and Batgirl. Jason however would prove to be much more ruthless than the previous Robin Dick Grayson, burying him under the fire escape.[3]



Standard police riot gear and equipment includes a tonfa, high-strength hand-cuffs, bulletproof vest, and pepper spray. Bolton carries a chain as his main weapon of choice as well, and is very proficient at using it in combat situations.


Lock-Up drove around in an armored van of some sort.


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