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Lyle Bolton, alias Lock-Up is a large, muscular man specializing in incarceration and high tech security systems.

Lock-Up captured the criminal Charaxes.[1] Later he captured the minor villain Maxwell Veezey.

He then began with him capturing criminals such as Two-Face, and taking him to his private prison alongside Charaxes, Weedwhacker and several gangsters. He is stopped by the police while targeting a criminal turned state evidence and is revealed to be Lyle Bolton, previously discharged from the police academy for being too gung-ho, and dismissed from several security jobs.[2] Lock-Up escaped, and captured minor street criminal Alvin Draper (actually Tim Drake's undercover identity). When Nightwing found his hideout, Lock-Up decided to drown all his prisoners in an underwater death-trap. Batman intervenes and defeats Lock-Up, saving the villains, Nightwing and Robin.[3]

Later he took control of Blackgate Prison in the aftermath of a earthquake hitting Gotham City. He had enlisted the KGBeast and the Trigger Twins to act as wardens for his prison, and ruled with an iron fist; Batman only tolerated his presence because he required Lock-Up to keep captured criminals in check to prevent Gotham being overrun. Lock-Up was kept under strict orders to treat the prisoners well. Batman later enlisted Nightwing's help to overthrow Lock-Up, so Blackgate could be used by the lawful authorities again.

Lock-Up later used his expertise to assist The Society in breaking super villains out of jail. Ironically, he was shipped to the prison-planet along with the rest of the super villain community.

Later he joined the gang led by the new female Ventriloquist alongside other villains like Firefly and Killer Moth to attack Penguin's turf. However, they were ambushed in an alley by Tobias Whale's gangsters and gunned down. Riddler saved most of them and brought them to Leslie Thompkins' clinic.



  • Riot Gear: As Lock-Up, Bolton carries on his person standard police riot gear/equipment-this includes a tonfa, high-grade handcuffs, pepper spray, a bulletproof vest, a tazer, and various bolt-shearing implements and locks, keys.





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